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A fully integrated core-banking solution from Sopra Banking Software. Amplitude has been implemented in over 180 banks. Sopra Banking Amplitude is a complete, modular and integrated solution. Its scalable architecture guarantees data integrity and enables rapid and progressive implementation. Its flexibility and openness allow you to meet your group’s expectations in terms of desired interoperability.


Sopra Banking Amplitude makes high-volume data processing possible, has fully traceable workflow processes and offers 24/7 multi-channel availability. What’s more, it is designed to grow along with your business to its scalable nature.

In addition to its conventional banking modules, Sopra Banking Software offers one of the most comprehensive and advanced Islamic Banking solutions in the Market. The Islamic Banking module of Sopra Banking Ampllitude was built from scratch to cover all Islamic Banking products and services in full compliance with the Islamic Sharia rules and without losing any advanced features offered by the remaining integrated modules of AMPLITUDE.

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Sopra Banking Software

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